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Carpet Cleaning in Morganton, NC

Chem-Dry of the Unifour: Experience Superior Carpet Cleaning in Morganton, NC

Serving our customers the absolute best cleaning experience possible is what makes Morganton, NC love us. That’s why Chem-Dry of the Unifour provides the Morganton area with excellent carpet cleaning services. As veteran residents of the Unifour ourselves, we want to give back to our communities and provide them with a professional, hassle-free experience and refresh your carpets in a safe way for your family & pets.

We utilize our own custom carpet cleaner, The Natural, which is composed entirely out of non-hazardous and green products, because we realize that owning clean, healthy carpets are vital for the well-being and overall safety of your home. Our superior hot water extraction method of cleansing your carpets uses just a tiny amount of water that traditional steam cleaning products require – which translates to your carpets drying quickly and preventing the potential growth of toxic mold and mildew. You would never want your children and pets playing around on harsh, toxic chemical-rich carpets, or have mold & mildew waiting in the carpet fibers.

Rug Cleaning

You probably consider your area rugs works of art, & wouldn’t dare potentially ruin them with harsh, abrasive chemicals that could seriously affect their texturing and colors. Chem-Dry of the Unifour offers professional rug cleaning to residences in Morganton & surrounding areas so you can have gorgeous rugs that are truly clean and last a lifetime.

When your rugs start to look lifeless and rugged after years of foot traffic, it may be that time for a chem-dry cleaning – but that doesn’t mean you should trust just anyone in Morganton with your authentic rugs. Our specialized Chem-Dry carpet cleaning experts are very knowledgeable and have many years experience in restoring any area or oriental rug to a like-new condition. Chem-Dry of the Unifour also provides custom deep cleaning treatments and tailored rug protectants for that extra layer of protection from accidental spills and muddy feet.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

One of the most exhausting aspects of deep cleaning your house involves scrubbing wall tiles and grout. Fortunately for you, Chem-Dry of the Unifour doesn’t only service Morganton’s carpeting. Our top-notch rug cleaning professionals will remove any of the years of built-up grime and residues from your floor tiles, kitchen countertops, bathroom showers, outdoor patios, or your home’s foyer. In every grout and tile cleaning we provide an additional coat of special grout sealer, which helps keep dirt and grime out of the grout between tiles. With tile & grout cleaning from Chem-Dry of the Unifour, your entire house will look better and the quality of the interior will last longer as well.

Upholstery Cleaning

Exactly like rugs, your unique upholstered furniture is extremely susceptible to dirt & staining – particularly in a house where there are a few pets or a couple children. Not to worry, these nasty looking stains aren’t always permanent. Chem-Dry of the Unifour uses its own patented carbonated cleaning method to not only lift the dirt & grime embedded in your furniture’s fabric up to the surface, but provide a superior deep clean that truly soaks into the upholstery. Similar to your carpets & rugs, we specialize in cleaning upholstery utilizing our non-hazardous, carbonated cleaning solution we named “The Natural”.

Pet Odor Removal

If you own any pets, then you already realize that accidents can happen. Pet urine soaking into your carpeting, and subsequently your floor structure, can quickly turn into a serious issue if it’s not treated correctly and professionally. Whenever an animal urinates on a carpet or rug, it deeply penetrates the carpet’s many fibers and taints the carpet’s backing and the houses’s flooring underneath. Once it has been allowed to dry and set without being cleaned (or even with a quick spot treatment from yourself), the urine becomes extremely pungent – and at that point a basic cleaning won’t do to remove the odor. This can lead to some major renovations needed, such as stripping the entire carpet completely and having to redo the entire floor underneath. By using Chem-Dry’s state of the art Pet Urine Removal Treatment, we can eliminate these pestering urine odors forever. Check out more on our Pet Odor Removal treatment.

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