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Carpet Cleaning in Lenoir, NC

Chem-Dry of the Unifour: Providing the Best Carpet Cleaning in Lenoir

You only want the very best when it comes to your home – and your carpets are no exception. That’s why Chem-Dry of the Unifour serves the Lenoir area with superior carpet cleaning services. As long-time residents of the Unifour ourselves, we want to give back to our community by way of clean, healthy carpets that are safe for your family and pets.

Our signature carpet cleaner, The Natural, is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly, because we know that having clean, non-toxic carpets are important for the health and safety of your home. Our advanced hot water extraction method of cleaning also uses only a fraction of the amount of water that steam cleaning requires – which means your carpets dry faster and prevent the growth of harmful mold or mildew. With small children and pets playing around on the carpets, you wouldn’t want harsh, toxic chemicals or mold and mildew lingering around in the fibers.

Rug Cleaning

Your area rugs are works of art, and you wouldn’t want them ruined with abrasive chemicals that could damage their texture and color. Chem-Dry of the Unifour offers professional rug cleaning to homes in Lenoir and the surrounding area so you can have beautiful rugs that are clean and last a lifetime.

When your rugs begin to look dull and dirty after years of foot traffic, it’s time for a professional cleaning – but don’t trust just anyone in Lenoir with your valuable rugs. Our Chem-Dry carpet cleaning technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in restoring just about any area and oriental rug to a clean condition. We also provide deep cleaning and special rug protectant for added protection from any spills and accidents.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Scrubbing tile walls and floors can be exhausting. Fortunately, Chem-Dry of the Unifour doesn’t only clean Lenoir’s carpeting. Our cleaning professionals will also remove all the built-up dirt and grime from your floors, countertops, showers, patios, or foyers. Included in your tile and grout cleaning service is a coat of grout sealant, which will help keep dirt and germs out of the grout between your tiles. With tile and grout cleaning from Chem-Dry of the Unifour, your tile and grout will look better and last longer too.

Upholstery Cleaning

Just like your rugs, your upholstered furniture is susceptible to dirt and stains – especially in a home where there are pets or children. However, these stains don’t have to be permanent. Chem-Dry of the Unifour uses its signature carbonated cleaning method to lift the dirt and soil embedded in your upholstery up to the surface, where it then gets sucked away. Like with your carpets, we clean upholstery using our non-toxic, carbonated cleaning solution The Natural.

Pet Odor Removal

If you have a pet, then you know that accidents happen. But urine seeping into your carpeting can turn into a big problem if it’s not treated. When your pet urinates on the carpet, it penetrates the carpet’s fibers and contaminates the carpet’s backing and the flooring below as well. Once it dries, the urine becomes more pungent – and a simple cleaning won’t be able to remove the odor. With Chem-Dry’s revolutionary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment), we are able to eliminate these urine odors forever. Learn more about our Pet Odor Removal treatment.

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